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Well, Hurricane Humberto just passed over us. No biggie. Honestly, I never watch a lot of TV anymore, so I didn't even know it was coming. Last I heard, it was supposed to hit Texas. Ah, well. The rain will do us good. It's kept the temps down, so our AC isn't running like crazy. Kiddos slept in a bit, 7:45 is late for us, which was nice. Seeing as there is no going outside to play today, we've made good use of the play room and movies. I love snuggling and watching movies with my kiddos when the weather is nasty. It doesn't help that Donovan is absolutely terrified of thunder. There's no sleeping when thunder is involved. 

Lately, Trenton has been waking at night again, needing to come into our bed. No big deal, B and I don't mind. Well, we have a queen size bed and every morning around 6ish, Donovan's been waking as well to come crawl into bed. Whew. Two kids on either side of you makes for some not so good sleep. Billy gets the edge, Trenton's in between us, I'm in between Donovan and Trenton, and Donovan's by the wall. Feet in my face, and TT has a true love for body slamming when he's tired. I just don't get it. But, I'm not one to complain too much about my kids wanting to snuggle. I love it.

I am off work today thanks to Rosh Hashanah... Happy New Year!! I am off today and tomorrow, leaving for Slidell Saturday morning and unfortunately have to leave early Sunday morning to make it back in time to work. Couldn't get off. So, eight hours in the car again. Yuck! We are going to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off on Saturday, Heather is picking up the balloons for us at Party City, and I still have to make it to Sam's to pick up hot dogs and hot dog buns and all the necessary condiments. Not doing anything too big, because we're broke. Ordered the cakes from Winn Dixie yesterday, so have to pick those up by 11. I am so thankful Sandy's letting us have the party at her house, and I hope there is as good a turnout as there was for both of Donovan's birthdays.

Billy has loads of English homework to do, so I'm going to be nice and let him come do it while the kiddos and I veg out and then play some more.

I promise to write more. I just have to find my rhythm again.


P.S. Congratulations Mandy & Brandon on baby Keagen!! (hope I spelled that right, sorry if I didn't!) 
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